Baby on Board – And On The Street

Years ago, when the “Baby on Board” signs started appearing in car windows, I wondered what in the world such a sign was good for. Although I still have the same unanswered question, I do think often about the smallest passengers in motor vehicles – our children. Now is the time of year when more … Read moreBaby on Board – And On The Street

Driving While Distracted Kills

Now, there have been hearing in Congress, and the President issued a Presidential Order banned texting while driving for Federal employees who are on Federal business, whether driving government-owned vehicles or their own vehicle. Although young drivers used to be the ones who sent , more and older adults have begun this dangerous habit.  What in the … Read moreDriving While Distracted Kills

Bicycle Accidents, Child Safety

Memorial Day is the traditional beginning of summertime activities.  Summer is the time when children are out on their bikes in big numbers — on their way to friends’ houses, the neighbourhood pool, running errands for parents.  Unfortunately, they are forced to ride among greater numbers of cars and trucks.  Roadways are crowded and drivers … Read moreBicycle Accidents, Child Safety

Safety Advocates Anti-Lock Brakes For All Motorcycles

California personal injury attorney advising that, at long last, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has proposed an amendment to the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard that would require motorcycle manufacturers to install anti-lock braking systems on motorcycles.  The changes to the FMVSS would create minimum performance standards that have been successfully tested elsewhere … Read moreSafety Advocates Anti-Lock Brakes For All Motorcycles