Baby on Board – And On The Street

Years ago, when the “Baby on Board” signs started appearing in car windows, I wondered what in the world such a sign was good for. Although I still have the same unanswered question, I do think often about the smallest passengers in motor vehicles – our children.

Now is the time of year when more and more cars and trucks will be on the roads and highways – spring is here and families get out and about. And, more and more children are out and about riding bikes and playing in their yards with other children.

Days are longer and children are outside later. I remember the joys of going outside to play after dinner and playing until well after dark. I didn’t even think about the fact that I could be almost invisible to a passing car.

Unfortunately, now is the time of year when more and more children will be severely injured or, worse, killed in motor vehicle accidents. Young children simply do not think of the dangers around them, and many drivers do not think about the dangers of running, biking and playing children around them.

Injuries to children from car accidents can be very severe. Parents, watch your children closely. Driver, use extra caution. Children’s actions are unpredictable. Don’t relax just because children are playing in a ‘safe’ neighbourhood. No child is safe near the street when there are cars nearby.

Drivers have an increased responsibility to be careful with children, and children have the right to be free from careless drivers and to be compensated if a careless driver injures them. If your child has been injured in a car accident, the lawyers can help you.

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Driving While Distracted Kills

Now, there have been hearing in Congress, and the President issued a Presidential Order banned texting while driving for Federal employees who are on Federal business, whether driving government-owned vehicles or their own vehicle.

Although young drivers used to be the ones who sent , more and older adults have begun this dangerous habit.  What in the world makes people think they can drive down a highway doing 55 – 65 mph and look down at a handheld device and send a text message at the same time?

For teens, texting while driving is especially dangerous because they are already driving under the disability of being among the most inexperienced drivers on the highway.  For parents and their teen drivers to discuss and sign.  It won’t cure the problem all by itself, but it gives parents an opportunity to have frank talks with their teen drivers about what is expected of them and the consequences of their actions.

If you or someone in your family has been seriously injured by a driver who driverwas texting while driving, we can answer your questions.

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