Wear Clean Underwear

Perhaps your mother told you to wear clean underwear when you went out because, horror of horrors, what if you were involved in an accident and your underwear was dirty!  I’m quite sure my mother never gave me this exact warning — I think I made it up on my own — but, a wealth-protection lawyer — has used that attention-grabbing statement as the title her new book.

It’s for all parents who want to protect their children and is a must-read for parents everywhere who care about their children and what happens to their ‘stuff’ in the event the parents are in an accident.

We take great care buying the right car seat and planning for our children’s future education.  This book will move you t17o action to take the important steps to protect their future in case you are not here.  Once you read Wear Clean Underwear, you will be moved to take action.

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