Law Day

President of the United States of America, do hereby designate, May 1 as Law Day – USA. I urge the people of the United States to observe the designated day with appropriate ceremonies and activities, and I especially urge the legal profession, the press, and the radio, television and motion picture industries to promote and to participate in the observance of that date.

The world knows of our leadership in material things, and of the high standard of living which our system has produced for our people. The thing we want people of the whole world to know is that in our country we are more proud of our moral principles as expressed in the concept of our government of laws that we are of any materialistic accomplishment or achievement of our people. It is the purpose of “Law Day-U.S.A.” to highlight this basic fact– thereby throwing a spotlight upon the rule of law in America-expressing to the people of the world our admiration and respect for the rule of law as the key to individual freedom and justice.


On Law Day, May 1, the law firm of us hosts its Annual Law Day fundraiser. The Foundation does many civic activities, including numerous outreach programs in the public schools, providing pro bono legal services for those who can not afford legal representation, and funding the public law library.

The featured highlight of the event is the reading of the Law Day Proclamation. The party is outdoors and very casual. It’s a Roast, as all we serve is a variety of different Hot Dogs. No burgers … no chicken… We try to give it that “old time” feel by serving old fashion root beer floats, popcorn, cotton candy, and roasted peanuts.

The live musical entertainment is truly noteworthy. We have a Jazz ensemble, Barbershop quartet and a Bagpipe player. We also feature a Shoe Shine company that sets up booths to give free shines. The police send a 12-foot inflatable police officer, to walk through the crowd. Team mascots from the Nationals and the Capitals have made appearances as well.

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