Safety Advocates Anti-Lock Brakes For All Motorcycles

California personal injury attorney advising that, at long last, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has proposed an amendment to the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard that would require motorcycle manufacturers to install anti-lock braking systems on motorcycles.  The changes to the FMVSS would create minimum performance standards that have been successfully tested elsewhere and would also prohibit motorcycles with unsafe brakes from being sold in the United  States.

Anti-lock braking systems have been installed in motor vehicles for many years and have been proven to save lives and prevent accidents.  More and more people are using motorcycles as a primary means of transportation, and as the number of motorcyclists has increased, so have the number of motorcycle accident fatalities.  Although there is no way to make motorcycles as safe as four-wheel vehicles, motorcyclists deserve the safety features that can save lives. Read more related articles here.

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